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Just like a burden born out of passion for the worship of our maker and our redeemer Jesus Christ. For ages we have watch and observe the fading of the true Christian music because of the recent trend in the world standard of life and living which has affected so much the worship of our true God.

A lot of which is now driving our people to the world is invoke and many believe that God will fight His battle but we have forgotten that God left us in this world for this very purpose ”that we should conquer the world”

While the world daily invent and establish various institutions that lures our youths to them we watch and cry daily, what then will be the true hope of our faith in years to come? With this groaning we asked God to give us a solution and here we are with one of the answers to our many prayers for this generation.

If God cannot receive our worship of which he created us for His pleasure who then Will? God drives pleasure from every true worshiper and we will be using this very means to awaken the spirit of true worship in us again as we will be sensitizing the music industry and every gospel singer.As God lives, the eternal worship will be forever.

Our Vision: “Nurturing people through refined gospel music.

Our Mission: Harnessing talents, Accelerating potentials, Renewing Lives.

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