Worshipper’s hub (WH) is a musical platform and organisation that harnesses and nurtures young talents through refined gospel music. This was inspired by the scripture John 4: 23 – 24, “the hour cometh and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father seeketh such to worship Him. God is a Spirit, and they that worship Him must worship in spirit and in truth.

Who We are

Worshipper’s Hub is a Christian drive wheel that scouts for untapped musical talents with potential, to redefine gospel music via innovation and creativity. We serve as a platform where young talents can be expressed and exposed to that kind of God given life and destiny which was given to them by their creator for our generation. We use this platform to drive back the passion and the true meaning of worship to every tasty soul.

WH initially started in Lagos, Nigeria, and will be extended to other countries in the African Continent.

Our Vision
Our vision is “Nurturing talent through refined gospel music”…

To become the leading nurturer of talents by scouting and harnessing similar abilities in variable youths across Africa for refined gospel music.

Mission Statement

Harnessing talents:We scout for these musically talented young people and provide a nurturing base for expression and development of their talent through rigorous training, various healthy and God-honouring means. We do our best to grow the potential that is in them and equally showcase them to the right path of fruitfulness by making sure that each one of them comes to the peak of their career and musical life.

Accelerating potentials: We serve as a platform that helps the youth to quickly reach the zenith of their career and mountain. What we are doing is leveraging on timely and trendy resources to speed up the growth of these potentials. We are working to see a remarkable growth rate in the next generation of gospel music leaders.

Renewing Lives: The end of all our efforts is to see changed lives and a changed society. We believe that through refined gospel music the sanity of the musical world will be restored. Through our platform, our generation will no longer become so well adjusted to a culture that drags our moral system down. Instead these youth will be positioned and re-orientated for self-mastery, purpose redefinition and fulfilling destiny based on God’s plan.

Our Core Values
In trying to obtain this reality, we hold certain truths to be universal, timeless and self-evident.
Courage: We believe in courage not because we are capable in ourselves, but because God stands with each one, and stretched out his right hand so we may boldly declare that God is our helper and nothing any man can do to us.
Influence: Those who walk with God and let Him work through them carry a light in themselves which must be evident in the world around them. They must see themselves as royalties, seek to win people around them.
Creativity: It takes ferocious pursuit and accumulating diverse insights and information to be able to combine then to create new ideas and ideals.
Self-Mastery: People must learn to learn to deal with God and let God deal with them. It is not enough to know God through His word, accepting the Lord’s training which leads to knowing the self is required. Hence, one must be willing to carry bear their burden and be willing to hate and die to their dragging down habits. This is the life of discipline.

  1. Our Colours
    Taking into consideration that up to 90% of snap judgments made about us can be based on color alone, that colors influence how people view the personality of our brand; emotionally (how people feel about us) and practically (help us stand out from the crowd), we have come to embrace certain color philosophy:
    Dark Green stands for each person’s wealth or richness of talents
    Magenta represents acceleration of potentials
    Lighter Green stands for renewal of lives around us

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